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Do as the Whales Do… Frolic in the Warm Dominican Waters this Winter

December 2016 thru April 2017,
See and Hear Majestic Humpback Whales While Your Family Builds Sandcastles on the Beach


This Winter one-third of the Atlantic Ocean’s Humpback whale population will journey to the warm waters off the coast of the Dominican Republic to mate and calve in the region’s protected Silver Bay.   The estimated 5,000 male and female whales gathered there, comprise the largest single grouping of whales worldwide.  Sperm and Pilot whales, as well as a variety of dolphins, including Bottlenose, Rissos, and Spinner, can also be found frequenting these coastal waters in the late Winter and early Spring months.

fullsizeoutput_19aeCave paintings of humpbacks found in the area have been dated to the Taino period; meaning, whales have been visiting this region for at least twenty centuries. In 1986, the Silver Bay area was established as a “Sanctuary for the Marine Mammals of the Dominican Republic”.

Famous for ‘singing’ to attract mates or to challenge other would-be suitors, the songs of the Humpback whale can last up to 20 minutes and can be heard more than 20 miles away. The male may repeat the same song dozens of times over several hours and research shows that whales in the same geographic area sing in similar “dialects.”

humpbackwhales_image07_tailsupAt resorts on this beautiful coast, you can now see and hear these majestic animals while your family builds sandcastles on the beach. Open your windows and let the music of the whales sing you to sleep. Could Spring Break get any more magical?

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St. Louis’ Forest Park Is Voted Best City Park in US

Voted The Nations’ Best City Park; St. Louis’ Forest Park celebrates it’s 140th Birthday, this June. Were it not for all the historical monuments; this park’s vast number of modern family friendly venues, would have you fooled about it’s real age. There are enough free, world class amenities in this park to keep you and your kids entertained for days.

A trip to the award winning St Louis Zoo, will have your children up close St Louis Zooand personal with their favorite animals;  from tunnels where playful sea lions glide; above, behind, and all around your child; to cool interactions with penguins and polar bears; your child is sure to see their favorite animal and some they didn’t even know existed. Discover endangered species like the Addax, that can go almost it’s entire life without drinking water, and how you can help save them. With educational blurbs and maps at each exhibit, keeper chats, and interactive features; your family can spend the day learning while they explore. The St Louis Zoo is open year round, has plenty of cool buildings and misters for even the hottest of St Louis days and  is truly a do not miss destination. You can easily spend an entire day here without seeing everything this amazing place has to offer.

Venture into The St Louis Art Museum for an exploration into the past. Imagine your child’s excitement searching the museum’s underground, finding real Ancient Egyptian Mummies and Suits of Armor.  View artifacts dating back to years so small even your littles can read the numbers; and of course famous works of art, up so close you can see the brush strokes. Create a scavenger hunt or bingo sheet and get everyone exploring.

The St Louis Science Center and Planetarium is nothing short of a STL Science Centerwonderful adventure. Dig for Dinosaur Bones beside a life size animatronic Dinosaur exhibit, feel the force of a hurricane wind, build an arch, and utilize the hundreds of hands on learning exhibits for all ages.  Stop by the History Museum on a Make and Take day where kids can learn and create at the same time.

If you’re not tired yet, take a relaxing stroll through the park with the downloadable walking tours complete with music, history, and humor. Walk, bike, hike or skate through the park’s many nature trails. Go sledding in the winter, bird watching year round, or wildflower spotting in the spring. With a little expense your family can have a sunset paddleboat picnic near the gorgeous Grand Basin Fountains.  You can play a round of golf and take a simulated trip to space!

Summers in Forest Park offer a plethora of amazing opportunities. Score yourselves some of the 1,500 daily free tickets to the Muny and enjoy a top of the line, live musical theater production.  Bring your picnic and a blanket and take in a little Shakespeare in the park, at the Shakespeare in the Park Festival; arrive early for the child centered pre-play activities, making Shakespeare accessible to even the youngest of audience members. Sit on Art Hill for the outdoor movie nights or wake up early for some outdoor yoga in the Grand Basin. The Great Forest Park Balloon Race rounds out the summer season in the park, in style, with a Family friendly Balloon Glow, music, and entertainment.

With so much to do all in one location, your family can have a great vacation or stay-cation on any budget. Happy 140th birthday to America’s number one City Park; it’s easy to see why you’re the best, after all isn’t family togetherness what parks are all about.

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